Sunday, November 2, 2008

Raj Thackeray, Maharashtra and more..

Hello friends! This is my first blog and look what we have here! a blog on one of the popular marathi politicians Shri Raj Thackeray! not the best topic for a first blog isnt it? Well never mind.  I had a couple of tech topics on my mind but it will take me a lot of time, and research before i can start writing on one of those interesting topics.  Alrite here goes.. 

I have been fascinated by Raj Thackerays personality over the years and couldnt help but notice a close resemblance to the way Thackeray Sr would stand on the podium, talk, make gestures with his hand and offcorse his affirmative tone.  Both of them also share the trait of being good "vyangachitrakaar" or cartoonists.  

Well, i've been watching his videos of late, and noticed that he did infact have a few good points to start a new political party.  One that would fascinate the marathi youth, and in general entertain our masses with all that opponent bashing with marathi bad words. I wont shy away from saying i myself have chuckled when Balasaheb once said "Toh paaswaan yedzava majha maharashtrat yeun mala shahanpana shikavtoy" leave it if you couldnt read it, a translation would make it sound lame.   I would say he definitely lives upto our expectations than what abhishek bachhan did when people expected him to be just as graceful as Bachhan Sr.

Then the other day i saw one of Raj's interview organised by a certain Disha Foundation.  The interviewer seemed to be a sena loyalist yet remained impartial in his choice of questions which included everything from Raj Thackerays views on the Chatt puja to his vision for Maharashtra.  And while Raj entertained the audience by his humorous responses, he maintained his composure, posture and the serious tone that set the mood of the evening.   What was shocking however was the way he responded to 2 of the most serious question of the evening, What are the 3 biggest challenges faced by Maharashtra in the present day world, and What is your vision for Maharashtra of the future.  And Raj could manage nothing but a meek reply which didnt have that usual punch that he has when he addresses a public rally. It was evident that he didnt have much of a vision.  May i say, if we were to by some means get all the public and private schools in Maharashtra to make Marathi a compulsary language, and if we could build a great wall of Maharashtra to prevent the inflow of migrants from UP who come to Mumbai.. Raj Thackeray would be left jobless!

I am no politician, no statistician, just another humble Indian citizen, but if you were to ask me what could i do to take my city,state, country in the progressive direction, i would at the drop of a hat say, make everyone pay taxes.  For once i have realised after coming to US why US is US and why they have so much money available to them for town planning and development and beautification activities.  Goddammit! if you were to buy a laptop worth 800$ you end up shelling out a cool 100$ in taxes! Why the fuck do we go for "open box" and "no receipt" goods in our own country, when we would not even dare to ask for such things here in the US.  Think about it.  One small thing, make everyone pay taxes, right from the hawkers to store keepers, make them issue receipts for anything and everything from a cellotape to a television.  That would leave enough money for our countrys development even after our politicians have eaten up enough money to their hearts content.  

I have never been too interested in politics, never in my life, however it now seems like our country could infact do with a few well educated politicians and statesmen.  Not that i have any intentions of becoming one, but nevertheless this is definitely a good avenue that youngsters should consider, explore and jump into.  And well, on a parting note i would say, go on Raj, you have atleast a few good issues on hand that would make me want to cheer for you!  

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